4 Things to Consider Before You Buy A Second Hand House

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A Second Hand House still be a good choice for some people, although the developments of new houses or other properties are growing really fast nowadays.

It is neither difficult nor easy when we want to buy a second hand house. Here are explained the 4 things to be considered before you buy a second hand house.

4 Things to Consider Before You Buy A Second Hand House

1. Location

Location will be a priority point before we purchase a second hand house. When we think about location, we determine also about some aspects around it, such as transportation access, distance to our working place, level of traffic, access to other facilities as hospital, market, school, highway, recreation place, mall, and etc.

We should also have consideration and information of disaster possibility around the location.

2. Legal Documents

You should pay much attention to the legal document of the property. It is really important to check the Building Permit of the property in order to make sure the appropriateness of the legal documents.

Besides, you have to consider also whether the house has certificate of ownership and the house is free from dispute. It is to protect us from problems if the previous owner has some troubles about the legal document of the house with other parties.

3. Construction Check

Any other part to be checked is the construction of the building. It is better to involve a contractor expert or an experienced architect to analyze the condition of the construction. Check all parts include the foundations, structures, and roofs.

Inspect also the electrical power and its distribution, air circulation of each room, light intensity, and, the most important is, clean water source. A good second hand house will not require much renovation. If there is some parts to be renovated, make sure that you spend less expense for renovating the house.

4. Land-use Planning

It is also important to consider about the Land-use Planning. The land-use planning of a house should in accordance to the government’s regulation.

Houses with construction age more than 20 years will be having more possibility to be destroyed for land acquisition purpose to be adjusted to the updated urban planning of the city or to be used as public facilities.

Those are the things to consider before you buy a second hand house when you survey direclty to the house location. Be a smart buyer because purchasing a house is different and takes lot of time and money.

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