Things to Determine in Designing A House Plan

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Every people dreams to have their own house. Some of them also dreams to design their own house rather than buy a builded house.

Having our house designed by ourself really represent the owner of the house. It surely provides us satisfaction of what we have.

However, we cant be so carelessly in designing our own living quarter, especially if we are not an architect.

We need to understand what aspects to be considered, such as size of the land area, requirement of the required space, and surrounding environment of the area.

Things to Determine in Designing A House Plan

Size of the land area absolutely determines the type of building and also decides the house plans. For example, if the available land has size 100 m2, we need to know how big area for open space and how big for the building.

In some countries, the government has regulation of building permit. The regulation includes how many meters to be used as open space / green open space and how many meters to be used as building.

Second, the requirement of spaces. In designing house plans, some people need to consider whether they require some spaces to be used for special spaces, such as working space, entertainment room, guest room, pet room etc.

The required space that the owner need more or less will determine the design of the house plans. Also we need to really sure whether the required space is really required or not when it will a bit interfere the primary design of the house plans.

Beside the two points above, we also need to figure out the surrounding environment in designing a house plan. Surrounding environment is an important factor in designing a house plan, yet this factor sometimes is ignored by the architect or even the owner.

The environment around and its interaction with the building really affect the design of a house plan and the building of a house. House is build based on the condition of the area which sometimes unsuitable or sometimes suitable with owner’s desire.

The design for houses near a mountain area will be different with houses that are built on a city center. A house built in a crowded area will has different adjustment and approach of house plant with a house built in an uncrowded area.

All in all, in resulting a great house plan as we want those points above really need to be consider. Beside that, do not hesitate to involve experts for they will give you good input about what kind of house plan which will be appropriate for you. Designing a house plan will take much responsibility to your satisfaction, the environment around, and the continuity of your living quality.

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