Designing a Minimalist Bedroom for Your Children

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If you have 5 years old children, it means you need to set up a bedroom for your children. It because at that age your child will have a variety of activities to do in their own room.

As a parent, arrange a room for your children is not an easy matter. It's because you need to make your children's room should be made as comfortable as possible.

Moreover, if you do not have enough space for their activities, then you need to arrange a room.

Designing a Minimalist Bedroom for Your Children

Here are some tips in designing your children's room:

To minimize the place, you can design a child's bed on top so that the empty space beneath the bed can be used as an area for their stuff and toys.

The bed can be designed with an extra drawer on each rung, for the storage of goods and their toys. With multifunctional bunk bed, you can save space.

In addition to the children's play area, you can position the chairs and tables under the bed.

Choose your child's favorite color: Usually, 5 years old children already have their favorite color.

Choose simple furniture. Including a bed, a dresser, and desk that simple. Or you can use the room for a bedroom set is minimalist.

Small children are usually happy with cartoons. To add some appealing aspect to your child's room, you can add wall sticker that matches the theme of your child's favorite cartoon.

Insert hanging rack. The shape of hanging shelves can vary. If you want a larger hanging shelf, choose one that is shaped like a hanging basket. Baskets can be used to store the dolls, toys, or your child's favorite soccer balls.

Reduce the items that are not expected to be used by your children, so that the room is not too cramped

Use carpet on the floor of your children's room. It can help the room feel warm. Besides that, kids love to play on the floor.

Those are some tips on designing your children's room. Hopefully, these tips can help you in arranging the right and comfort room for your children.

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