6 Things to Check Before Buying A House

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Having your own home is the dream of every people because the house is a place of where you can rest and spend time with your family. Big or small, if it is one's own house will feel comfortable to live in.

You can adjust your budget before deciding to buy a new or former house. It's because its function remains the same. So, there is no harm if you want to buy a second-hand house.

6 Things to Check Before Buying A House

But, you should be very careful in checking the condition of the house. It's because the house conditions will affect your comfort. Perhaps there may be some parts of the house that must be repaired because of the physical condition of the house could be consumed by the time.

In addition, there are also some things you should consider before buying a used home:

1. The first thing to do is to find house references as much as possible and make a list of existing homes that will be sold in accordance with the funds you have prepared.

2. Make sure you select a home that is your dream home. In addition to the model of the home, pay attention to other things such as the location that is easy to access, the environmental situation around the house, and the occupancy of the house.

3. Once you venture into a number of existing homes that are going to be sold, there may be some houses that you consider for selected with the best value.

Do not rush, allow one or two weeks to think, the seller of the home is certainly understood if you requested time to think.

4. Do more detailed survey for the second time. Make a comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of other homes that have become your target. Recheck the house to save you from an unfortunate possibility.

Check for more details of the condition of the concrete house, the structure and the foundations of the house, the age of the building and the most important is the source of the waters of the house.

5. Check the legal documents of the home. The letters that need to be examined is the letter of the building permit (IMB). IMB is vital to ensure that the land is not disputed land. Additionally, ask the homeowner to show proof of ownership of houses and land in the form of certificates.

Make sure the seller's name is the same as the name on the certificate, and ask RT / RW or neighbors to ensure the legitimate owner of the house.

6. If everything has been fulfilled, and you are sure to buy the house then immediately make a payment as earnest money or a deal.

Do not wait until the seller changed his mind to sell it to you because the seller also needs certainty for your decision.

Those are some tips on buying a second-hand home. Remember, do not rush into the purchase of a home. It's because the house is an investment in the future, then it must be considered very carefully.

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